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New Dental Patients

New Patients are welcome

At Hopvine House Dental Practice we are constantly trying to excel in our care for our patients.

If you would like an appointment, please contact our receptionist on 01353 720577 or alternatively mail to:

Every patient is individual, which is why, before you even sit in the dental chair you will be given the opportunity to discuss your dental problems, this way we can understand your concerns. We will actively listen to your reasons for coming to see us and take time to get to know you so that we are better able to provide the treatment you need.

By thorough examination, x-rays, cancer screening, your medical history and sometimes study models, we gather evidence to plan your treatment and having done so, present you with treatment options, taking into account the risks and benefits of each option and we will take the time to explain everything to you.

After discussing the proposals together we send you a letter detailing the discussions so that you are fully informed.

Our aim is to build a caring and trusting professional relationship with you.


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