Private Dental Fees

Hopvine House Dental Price and Fee Guide

Diagnostic Procedures
New Patient Examination and large x ray £ 78
Small X-rays  each £   7
OPG X-ray £ 17
Treatment Planning Casts £ 73
Examination with scale & polish £ 44
Extractions  from £ 83
White fillings from £ 93
Amalgam  fillings from £ 83
Molar root fillings from   £231
Premolar root fillings from £171
Incisor root fillings from £171
Crown and Bridgework
Crown bonded porcelain  from £430
Crown gold  from £472
Porcelain veneers £368
Metal free aesthetic crowns  from £430
Single toothed denture £309
Partial denture  from £385
Full denture (Acrylic) £463
Chrome cobalt denture  each £605
Invisalign ‘invisible’ aligners £2,800
Mouth Guards
Soft night guard  each £ 99
Sports guard  from £ 99
Anti Snoring device
Silensor £276
Tooth whitening £295
 Airflow Tooth stain removal  30 mins £ 65

Treatment is provided independently for fee paying adults unless advised otherwise in writing. Patients should pay the relevant fee at every appointment when asked to do so. Independent patients are registered with us for fifteen months after their last visit for completed treatment. If you do not complete a course of treatment, you may not be registered with us. Prices quoted are by necessity, only approximate.  Fees are based on surgery time taken plus materials used and laboratory fees incurred. More accurate estimate available at consultation.

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