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Patient Satisfaction Survey

At Hopvine House Dental Practice we want to ensure that we listen to our patients and to improve on areas where this may be required.  We recently undertook a patient survey* and the results are below:

Visited dentist within last 12 months   92%
How many days do you have to wait to book your appointment? 60% less than 5 days
How long were you kept waiting for your appointment:  
On time or earlier 10%
Less than 5 mins 45%
5 – 20 mins 30%
More than 20 mins 15%
Do the opening times allow for convenient appointments? 89%
Does your dentist treat you with respect and courtesy? 100%
On this occasion did your dentist answer all your questions? 93% said yes
Is the new Reception area a positive step for the practice 97% said yes
In the last 12 months have you ever felt like making a complaint ? 98% said no
*survey of 103 patients Nov 17
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